Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Haven't Posted Since Last Year...

     This seems to happen quite a bit.

     I start a blog. I love the blog. I obsess over this new blog. I post on my blog. I forget about my blog. I come back a year later writing a post about how I haven't posted in a year. That's just how the fish swims.

     Is that a saying?

     Anyway, here I am yet again, and instead of giving you a non-detailed regurgitation of 2012, I'm kicking it old school and just - writing like normal.

     I'm almost fifteen years old. Weird. It's kind of sad, I like being fourteen. It hit me the other night that in FIVE YEARS I'm going to TWENTY YEARS OLD. That's ridicules. Twenty was forever away, and suddenly all that separates me from the two decade mark is five years. Five long years, but still. Fifteen also means driving permit. To be honest, I'm a little nervous about this whole thing. Driving was always something that parents did, and I'm no parent (proudly...) so how can I possibly be sitting behind the wheel right now? Well, sitting behind the wheel - actually driving. I assure you I have spent countless times behind the wheel as a professional race car driver. Or as professional of a race car driver you can be in a 2001 Excursion.
     Speaking of excursions, Worldview Academy came once again this fall for round two. A great experience as always. And speaking of excursions in a much less literal form I have dug deeply into my first year of high school.
     Another football season. A third football season to be exact, and it seems as though both the Warriors and the Aggies are at quite a peak. My Warriors won their first ever State Championship, while my Aggies defeated the number one team in the college football nation to finish the season ranked #5 overall. Not bad.
     I spent the first seconds of 2013 spilling a nasty-smelling-carbonated-apple-somethingorother all over myself, so we shall see how I fare this upcoming year. Nothing horrible yet, but 2013 is still young.
     I cannot express to you how amazing my God is. What He has shown me since my last post on Mother's Day have been astounding. In reading His Word I must stop and simply breathe. Thank You Jesus for a great year!
     Now, speaking of great years, I also attended a mile marker I thought was also long away, of which I now find that it happend nearly five months ago. Yes, I went to homecoming. I didn't take anyone, but a night with some life-long friends was well worth the missed sleep.
     Absolutely none of this is in order, but I now share my Christmas! Actually, it was pretty much like every other Christmas I've experienced, so, as always it was well spent.

     That sounded very much like a regurgitation...

     Oh well, I hope to back much sooner than 2014, but until my return I wish anyone reading this a very happy/merry Father's Day, Forth of July, Flag Day, Labor Day, Reformation, Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday, renaissance festival, hot dog eating contest or whatever else you may have done since May 13 of 2012!

God Bless.

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