Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Week of Camp

Seeing as how I have referenced this before, but never fully detailed to my readers the complete intenseness of my reference, one would suppose that the time has just about arrived to satisfy the whole of this title. Then again, because of my lack of description, I would guess that none of my readers would have a compelling desire to obtain the full knowledge of this reference after all. That being said, it is my privilege and honor to devote this post to an organization that has more than dramatically impacted my life.
This organization has done more than teach, it has empowered. Instead of the everyday student, the camps provided by this organization have created rare forms of Disciples. Christ's Disciples. Even more scarce- young Christian Disciples.
Before you turn the computer off entirely, frustrated that yet another innocent being has decided among himself to take the time, neigh, the audacity- to compile yet another praise for yet another "summer camp" he has recently attended (it isthat facebook-thwarting time of year again), something must first be made clear.
This camp has not impacted me through an ever so common emotional confrontation. A side-project that the utter majority of summer camps provide without cost. I might have another post entirely on this subject of interest (or perhaps of non-interest). It must be stated that I have attended this camp three years in a row now, and still every year grow more confidant in its mindset. Although I do not brag about being a sort of "veteran of attendance", I most certainly take pride in it. I take pride in being annually involved with this association because it has encouraged me in something I am to always take pride in: my distinct relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the reason I commit this post entry to Worldview Academy. Because of the challenge invested in me every year by a select group of people who want to know God's heart, and serve Him by serving me through love. Not because I had an "awesome week at camp" and not because of a self-invested-camp-long emotional experience. However, because of everything I have gained from participation in this camp, I most definitely have developed an emotional devotion to those acquainted with it.
During Worldview Academy, students will endure approximately twenty-six hours in total classroom lecture.

Don't you just want to sign up this very instant?

Do not fear. These lectures are not similar to the implication of the common word "lecture" you are probably associated with. These lectures often feel, look, smell and taste like the "lecture" that initially comes to mind, but by no means do they sound the same (yes, be relieved.) Instead, the topics discussed in these lectures are concentrated on bringing in and teaching out a more vast understanding of other worldviews, strategies in apologetics applied while defending your faith, and identifying the characteristics of a God-fearing leader. Why? Only so that the graduates of WVA re-enter everyday life knowing how to question other religions and worldviews, defend their own, and are challenged to lead others at their own home.
Aside from this, students face an opportunity to practice the techniques they have gained on - wait for it - real, live, talking people that inhabit the real, live, walking world. Campers also build relationships in a personal small group, and usually walk out the Worldview doors with professionally-equalized capabilities when it comes to throwing a frisbee.
Descriptive enough? Please know I can easily write a book about my experience at this camp. This week, I will be writing specifically about my personal revelations gained at my most recent attendance last month, but in order for you to fully grasp the meaning of this week's posts, some background was unavoidable. Thank you for the vast amount of viewers, a little over 500 recently. Perhaps I wasn't sure exactly what I was getting into by starting this blog. Please, pray for me.

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